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Posted on 19 Jan 2014 0 comments


Podsalinan is a download management application. Currently in development, it allows a user to download podcasts and urls. Written in Java. When finished it will have both a command-line interface and a gui interface.


  • Download queueing
  • Download speed limiting
  • Recognition of download data as a podcast, and automatically adding podcast to podcast list
  • Automatic downloading of new episodes from podcast list
  • CLI, both via menu, and cli interaction.

Suggested functionality (Not yet implemented):

  • Remote access via android app
  • Bit torrent downloading
  • Youtube downloading
  • GUI
  • Multiple connections for single download, for faster downloading


Github Repository



OzToll is a toll calculator for Android. It was my first Android app, and consisted of a Google Map screen, and a list screen, which would allow you to select the start and finish point on a toll road, and would calculate how much it would cost you. I have released the source code, as I am no longer developing the software.


Github Repository

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