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When it comes to writing code, we know what we are doing, and can offer solutions using the big languages of  PHP, Java, C++, Perl, and C++ . We also have you covered when it comes to Web programming, with our knowledge of HTML, CSS, JQuery and JScript.Whether it is an Android App, webpage script or database query, we have the knowledge and skills necessary to deliver the right outcome, first time, every time. In short, we offer you the flexibility of choice, to ensure that what we deliver matches what you need.
And for those for whom programming languages look more like random letters of the alphabet, we can help you too. Upon request, we can provide advice on the best choice of programming language, taking into consideration factors such as end use, code maintenance and security. In this way we can take some of the guess work out of the problem, allowing us to focus on developing the right solution that meets all of your requirements.



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Our resident programmer, tech master and overall connoisseur of code. Sam brings to the team a well-rounded bag of skills that includes experience in Java, HTML, PHP, C and many other letters of the alphabet.

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Graphic Designer

Every programming team needs a creative genius, and for us that means Jo. When we need a bit of artwork done, or want a new creative design, we look to Jo for inspiration and she never disappoints.

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